Jackson, MI - NYC/MC More Photographs (2)

NYC Beeliner at Jackson MIPicking Up Orders at Jackson A NYC Circus train at Jackson NYC Circus train at Jackson MC Cinder Pit at Jackson Photo Info: NYC train #498 has just arrived at Jackson in 1952. The NYC used "Beeliner" self propelled motor cars made by the Budd Corporation, on branch lines from Jackson to Grand Rapids and Bay City. [Cecil Hommerding photo, Doug Leffler collection]; 2nd photo, NYC train BJ-4 pickes up orders at the Jackson depot in the summer of 1964. [Doug Leffler], and 3rd and 4th photos, a circus train sits on the NYC between Monroe and North Streets in Jackson in 1952. [Doug Leffler collection]; 5th photo, the MC Cinder Pit at Jackson in 1914. [Charles Milliken photo, Doug Leffler collection]