Location: Kalamazoo, MI - Botsford Yard (MC)

Aerial view of Botsford Yard Kalamazoo MIWreck at Botsford Yard 1924MC Roundhouse at Botsford Yard, Kalamazoo, MIBotsford Yard was the Michigan Central's main yard in the Kalamazoo area, located about two miles east of the depot in downtown Kalamazoo. Botsford Yard had a capacity of 375 cars.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, an aerial view of the Georgia Pacific Kalamazoo Division mill (buildings along the left side inside the loop are National Gypsum, the white buildings to the upper right are James River, later Sutherland Paper.) Botsford Yard is at the top of the photo and remaining half of the roundhouse is barely discernable at the very top edge. From 1981. [Ben Higdon collection]. 2nd photo, a MC wreck at Botsford Yard on September 24, 1924. One person was killed in the derailmet. [Ben Higdon collection]. 3rd photo, the MC roundhouse at Botsford Yard. [Tim Shanahan collection]. 4th photo, the Botsford Yard engine facility under Conrail ownership in 1977. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]. 5th photo, the Botsford Yard roundhouse in 1977. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]; 6th photo, a view of the MC Botsford Roundhouse in 1914. [Charles Miliken photo, Doug Leffler collection]

Botsford Yard Botsford Yard

Botsford Roundhouse