Location: Kalamazoo, MI - MCRR facilities

MC/NYC/Amtrak Depot Kalamazoo, MIMC/NYC/Amtrak Depot Kalamazoo, MIMC/NYC/Amtrak Depot Kalamazoo, MIMC/NYC/Amtrak Depot Kalamazoo, MIThe Michigan Central railroad had a major station in downtown Kalamazoo which still exists as an Amtrak station today.

The railroad had many other facilities in town. See Botsford Yard.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, a postcard view of the MC depot. The horse drawn carriages are long gone. 2nd photo, a 1909 photo of the same depot. Note the team of horses and carriage waiting for passengers and freight off the train. 3rd photo, an early postcard view othe MC depot. 4th photo, a 2005 photograph of Amtrak train 352 arriving at the Kalamazoo depot. [Greg Peet]

March 6, 1903. The roof and top portion of the side walls of the MC roundhouse, which has done duty for the last tweenty-five years, suddenly and without warning fell to the ground. Inside at the time were three railroad employees who wer baly cut about the head. One locomotive was buried under the debris and it is a total wreck. The estimated loss is $10,000 on building and $2,000 on the engine. [PHTH-1903-0306]

June 16, 1930: The Michigan Public Utilities Commission allows the NYC to discontinue a flagman at the Alcott Street crossing, substituting warning lights. Switch crews at the paper mill will also assist with crossing protection. [MPUC-1930]