Location: Grand Rapids, MI - Second Street Interlocking

This was an interlocked crossing of the Pere Marquette, Grand Rapids & Indiana, and Michigan Central railroads on the west side of the river, at Second Street.

In 1908, the PM installed a General Railway Signal Co. electric interlocking plant here, with 5 working levers, 5 spare levers, and 18 spare spaces, for a total of 56 functions. The tower was constructed by the PM with the heating apparatus in the basement. The D.C. charging plant and battery is on the first floor and the interlocking machine being on the second floor. The plant is equipped with one set of 55 cell, 120 ampere hour storage battery. The main run of trunking consists of one and two lines of 3" wood tubing placed underground with suitable concrete junction boxes for dropping off at functions, and one on each side of track or street crossings as the case may be. There are two signal bridges for the GR&I and MC. [TSE-10/1908]