Station: Ozark, MI

Ozark was the site of charcoal kilns operated by the Martel Furnace Company. It was originally a flag stop on the DSS&A and called Johnson's. It was changed to Ozark in 1884.

The town was 23.09 miles west of St. Ignace Docks.  Ozark has two abandoned limestone quarries (2004).  The limestone quarry on the southwest side of the DSS&A main line was established first.  The quarry that was last "mined" is the quarry on the east side of the DSS&A and can be observed from the M-123 highway.  The DSS&A spur served this quarry.  The Martel Furnace Company built charcoal kilns at Ozark and a standard gauge railroad to supply cordwood for the kilns. [CB/MIHX8]

Cadillac Siding goes east from the DSS&A main line approximately 0.4 miles south of the spur to the charcoal kilns and limestone quarry. [CB/MIHX8]

The Ozark depot still exists as of 2004. It is an old box car that was used as a DSS&A depot, then as a hunting cabin.  It has been sitting empty for years. [CB/MIHX8]