Location: Seager, MI

Seager was a location on the Copper Range Railroad in Ontonagon County, 10 miles northeast of Mass.

February 1, 1902. William Stenson, a section foreman in the employ of the Copper Range railroad, met with an accident about 3 o'clock Monday afternoon which resulted in his death. He slipped and fell under a moving train at Seager and both legs were cut off below the knee. No one witnessed the accident, the injured man being found after the train had pulled out. He was taken to the Hancock hospital where he died at 5:30 o'clock. He leaves a wife and two children. [LAS-1902-0201]

April 4, 1906.  A freight train on the Copper Range railroad was delayed fifteen minutes at Seager, thirty-five miles south of Houghton, by a herd of deer on the tracks. They had evidently been driven from the woods by wolves and were too frightened to heed the approaching train. The trainmen counted thirteen animals. It was some time before they could be driven off the tracks. One deer was chased for fully two miles before it sprang into the bushes. [DFP-1906-0404]