Rainy Lake, MI

Rainy Lake was a station on the Alpena & Northern railroad Valentine Lake Branch in southern Presque Isle County. The location was 20.7 miles southwest of LaRocque and 7.7 miles northeast of McPhee.

November 25, 1898. A logger was fording a creek near Rainy Lake when a revolver in his pocket dropped out, hitting the ground, and accidentally firing a shot into his neck. A crew moved him to the depot at Rainy Lake. The D&M railroad sent a locomotive which transported him to Alpena where his wounds were dressed. The patient, Mr. Ward, wishes to thank the officials of the D&M fo sending an engine and cab to the Rainy Lake station after him and "not charging him a cent" for the trouble. Not every railroad in Michigan would be so accommodating", he said. [YE-1898-1125]