Location: Saginaw, MI - Maple Street Interlocking

Maple Street was a crossing location of the CS&M (GTW) spur to Briggs and Cooper Mill, and the F&PM (PM) Belt Line on the south side of East Saginaw. Interlocking drawings indicate that this location was on Maple Street north of Euclid, the exact location is not known, as Maple Street is shown on present day maps west of the Saginaw River. This location was likely west of Sheridan Street (and different than the interlocking there). It was referred to as being near the "so called Emerson Bayou")

The interlocking was installed in 1888 and a tower was located here. This location used a unique tower apparatus which used "wheels" to set switches, details and signals. (See MAL Crossing in Jackson, MI for an article about this type of interlocking apparatus). The tower had four control wheels.