Station: Leland, MI

Leland was founded in 1831 as Emery. It was a station in 1884 on the original Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern line running from Ann Arbor to South Lyon.

Comments from Tom Beauvais of Ann Arbor, Michigan on 3/28/2005 regarding the article "The TAA&GT line to South Lyon" by James Hannum:

I happen to be preparing maps of the Fleming Creek watershed for the Huron River Watershed Council and the South Lyon route went through the very northwestern portion of it.  The author's "likely" location of the Leland depot" is about 2 miles too far south according to an 1895 county atlas.  It appears, the depot was at the intersection of Northfield Church Road and Earhardt Rd in Northfield Township, Washtenaw County.

I used the alignment as shown in the reprint 1895 Atlas of Washtenaw County (I believe by George Ogle, Chicago). I used the Atlas in the local history room of the Ann Arbor library, main branch.  The township plats for Ann Arbor and Northfield show the route in detail.  The South Lyon route diverged in Sec.16 Ann Arbor township and into the sw 1/4 of section 15 going northeastward and then crossing into section 14 and heading north into section 11. At about 1/2 mile up into section 11 it followed the 1/2 mile line north and all the way through section 2. It then turned into section 35 of Northfield township and went northeasterly cutting through the intersection of sections 35,36, 26, 25 of Northfield township.

The plat map shows a small black square (the depot) at the very southeast corner of section 26 just nw of the current intersection of Northfield Church Road (e-w) and Earhardt Rd (n-s).  The land according to the 2002 Plat Book of Washtenaw County is marked owned by the Leland Acres Subdivision.

The depot is marked as "Leland Sta." and there is a post office called "Emery" across the tracks from the depot in the very southwest corner of section 25.

Hope this sheds some light on the Leland depot location.