Station: Manchester, MI

LSMS Manchester MI Depot

Manchester was settled about 1833 as a saw and grist mill operated by the Manchester Mill Company. The town became a village ib 1867. [MPN]

Photo info/credit: The Lake Shore depot at Manchester, which was located on the line from Tecumseh to Jackson. 2nd photo, this is a trestle over the Raisin River in Manchester; 3rd photo, a pag of the depot location from an 1899 Sanborn Insurance Map.

Trestle over Raisin River in Manchester Map of Manchester Depot

Manchester was located on both the Lake Shore's Jackson Branch and the Detroit, Hillsdale & Western line, both originally crossing just west town. Fairly early on, this crossing was changed to a double junction. The DH&W (later known as the Ypsilanti Branch) utilized the Lake Shore's Jackson Branch station, with the Ypsi branch trains backing down the Jackson branch about one mile to their depot. The junction and line to the depot was protected by automatic block signals to assist in preventing collisions.Ypsilanti branch trains (from Ypsilanti and Hillsdale) used this depot by backing down the Jackson branch from Manchester Junction. [Alan Loftis collection]

The LS&MS had a water tower and standpipe at Manchester (see photo) in 1926.

The Manchester Canning and Packing Company was located on the Ypsilanti Branch, west of downtown. It was closed by 1914.