Location: Ypsilanti, MI - Paper Mills

In 1905, Ypsilanti had two large paper mills located near the city on the northwest bank of the Huron River. They were the Peninsular Paper Company (closest to the city), and the Ypsilanti Paper Company (west of the Peninsular company).

Peninsular manufacured high grade cover and colored specialities and a cheap writing and bond paper. Two paper machines are kept in operation.

The Ypsilanti mill, sulphite fiber papers are made. The company has a large sulphite plant for the manufacture of sulphite pulp. This paper is produced entirely from wood. The mill has two machines, a 65-inch and an 81 1//2 inch wire machine.

Paper manufacturing is the oldest continuous operation in the city and was established in 1857. Both plants are located along the Michigan Central railroad.