Location: Missaukee Junction, MI

Missaukee Jct MI Missaukee Junction was a location on the Grand Rapids & Indiana railroad where the Missaukee Branch left the main line east towards Lake City and Falmouth. The location was settled about 1876. [MPN]

Photo info/credit: Top, the Christmas tree loading site at North Cadillac, on the Cadillac & Lake City Railroad on Thanksgiving Day in 1971. [Greg Bunce]  Greg notes that when the Michigan Northern took over the Penn Central line from Grand Rapids to Mackinaw City, they continued to haul Christmas trees. "Conrail would send us all their junk cars from the rip trck for loading. Doors missing, holes in the roof. As long as the safety appliances worked they were OK for loading trees. A variety of cars from various predessor roads were used, Pennsylvania, NYC, Erie, Erie Lackawana, Lehigh Valley, etc."

Additional Information: North Cadillac was the siding that the Cadillac & Lake City put in just to the east of US-131. They built a station there for loading of passengers. Since Missaukee Junction's wye was gone by that time, they needed a way to run around the cars. North Cadillac was not "North Yard" which was the name of the PRR/PC/MIGN yard.  [Greg Bunce]