Lakefront Dock & Railroad Terminal Co. Coal Docks (NYC-B&O) - Oregon, OH

The NYC and B&O Coal Docks were located along Lake Erie east of the mouth of the Maumee River.  The yard was reached off the Toledo Terminal Railroad at the Millard Avenue Junction.

1929: The NYC completes installation of a car retarder system at Toledo Dock. 7 classification tracks, 1 tower, 3 retarders. 6 power switches and six signals. Made by GRS. [RSC-1930]

1948, Trains Magazine noted that the New York Central and Baltimore & Ohio will open new coal and ore docks on Maumee Bay, Toledo, O. this spring (1948). The docks will be operated by the Railroad Dock and Railroad Terminal Company, jointly owned by NYC and B&O. The facility, constructed at a cost of $18.5 million, includes three piers and three slips, and an adjacent railroad yard with 56 miles of track and a capacity of 5,400 cars. The main yards are supplemented by nine smaller "supporting" yards for the coal dumpers and ore handling machines, with capacities of 110 to 250 cars each.