Location: DT&I Temperance Yard - Toledo, Ohio

The Detroit, Toledo & Ironton entered Toledo from the north. It originally crossed the Toledo Terminal at a crossing here but the extension was removed and the line terminated at Temperance Yard at a connection with the Toledo Terminal Railroad belt line. This Yard was called "Toledo Yard" on the DT&I.

1930s. Toledo Yard is located on the Toledo Terminal Railroad, just northwest fo the city limits, and has a capacity of 334 cars. There is a coal dock, water station, wye and track scale. The Terminal gives a connection to all railroads entering Toledo, but the Pennsylvania and W.&L.E. regularly operate puller service between their yards and the DT&I yard over the tracks of the Terminal. When business warrants, the B&O, C&O and NYC also operate puller trains into the DT&I yard.

The DT&I has only two industries on its tracks at Toledo, a small coal yard and a bulk station of the White Star Refining Co. There are team tracks at the yard and at Lambertsville ( 9.5), Garrigans (T 8.0), St. Anthony's (T 6.3) and Petersburg. Traffic of all these points is handled by the Toledo agency. In 1930 the Toledo business was:

  • From Connections: 38,152 - To Connections: 5,632

Source: [DT&I blueprint, 1930's]