Location: Airline Yard - NYC - Toledo, Ohio

Airline Yard was the New York Central's main east-west yard in Toledo.  It is located at the junction of the east-west main line, the "Old Road" and the Detroit line. On the main line, it extended from Swan Creek interlocking on the east to Nasby interlocking (AV tower) on the west. To the north, The Toledo to Detroit line followed Airline Yard up to Z interlocking tower, which was the junction of the "Old Road" line to Adrian.

At its peak after World War II, Airline Yard held 5,500 cars and was composed of five sub-yards. The New Yard was west of Detroit avenue and staged westbound trains leaving the Toledo terminal. The Detroit Yard was furthest east and was used for trains to and from Detroit. In the middle were the Hole Yard, Hump Yard and Panama Yard. The Hole Yard was the eastbound departure yard. The Hump Yard (which didn't have a hump after WWII) was a staging yard for grain and bad order cars, and Panama Yard handled local industry cars and transfers to Stanley Yard. [TT]

The north-south Canada Southern ( CASO), later Michigan Central line passed over Airline's Detroit Yard on a lengthly bridge, heading south to an interchange with the Wabash and Clover Leaf railroads south of here. The line was truncated at Nebraska Avenue eliminating the need for the bridge.

Note: Stanley Yard was the NYC's north-south yard in Toledo.