Interlocking: Bay City, MI - Hart Street Tower

Hart Street, in west Bay City, was the crossing of the Grand Trunk Western's line northeast (to North Bay City and Wenona Beach) and the Michigan Central Mackinaw Branch, located just north of MC's West Bay City station and the MCRR Bay City (Saginaw River) swing bridge. Over time, this was a full interlocking with tower, and then downgraded to other forms of crossing protection.

Also called CS&M Crossing on the Michigan Central, the original name of the GTW.

Going SB on the Mackinaw Branch, Hart Street controlled the entrance to West Bay City Yard, which was the JL&S's original yard in Bay City (prior to Wenona Yard being built). 

In 1904, the MC (JL&S) line was a double track main line and the GTW was single track. The MC actually had five tracks in this interlocker. The interlocking machine, which was in a tower at the crossing, had a small 4-lever machine with all levers in use. The interlocking had derails only on the GTW line, none on the MC. The GTW main line appears to go down the middle of Hart Street. [SMA-IF]

For a hundred years, the MC used this line for freight and passenger train movements. Initially, the GTW used this line to access freight customers on the north side of the Saginaw River. In the early 1900's, it also had passenger train excursions from Saginaw and Bay City to the beaches at Winona Beach, near what is now across from the Consumers Energy Essexville power plant.

The interlocking was discontinued and the GTW track removed in 1975. [SMA-IF]