Location: Wenona Yard, MI - MCRR

MC Wenona Yard Engine FacilityMC Wenona Yard

NYC Wenona Yard NYC Wenona Yard

Wenona Yard was the Michigan Central's main freight yard in the Bay City area after 1910.  Before 1910, most freight classification was done at West Bay City but this area soon became congested and freight and locomotive facilities were duplicated here and Wenona Yard ultimately replaced West Bay City Yard as the main yard.

Photo info/credits: Top, the MC Wenona Yard coal dock, taken in 1950 with Mikado 2057 (an H7a) being serviced. Below, the MC Wenona Yard backshop, including circular round house in the rear, left. In October, 1956. [Both, E. L. Novak photos, Charlie Whipp collection]. 3rd photo, a view of the yard looking north in 1967. The stream locomotive roundhouse is off camera to the right. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]. 4th photo, the diesel engine house with EMD GP7s awaiting their next assignments, in 1967. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]

  • Timeline:

  • August 23, 1912: The Michigan Central has awarded contracts for a 30-stall roiundhouse, machine shopo, office building and car repair shop at Wenona Yard in Bay City. [RG]
  • 1917. The MC had operators here around the clock. [TRT]