Station: Wenona Beach, MI

Wenona Beach was located on Saginaw Bay, north of West Bay City. It was reportedly developed around 1892 by the electric street railway in Bay City but was also served by the GTW [USGS-1919]. It was located 1.5 miles due north of the Detroit & Mackinac North Bay City yard, on Saginaw Bay.

From the Street Railway Journal (1905). The Wenona Beach Park is located five miles north of Bay City on the shore of Saginaw Bay, and is an exceptionally high class summer resort. The cars are operated from Bay City to this park on a 30-minute schedule throughout the year, with extra cars to accommodate excursions and the regular summer traffic. The round-trip fare is 15 cents. Other than the usual park pavilions and amusement enclosures which are to be found here, is a large casino, located close to the bay shore and near the company's pier, which extends 400 ft. into the bay. This casino is of pleasing design with high towers at its corners. The seating capacity is 1,600 and for 15 weeks during the summer season continuous vaudeville, including a moving picture machine, forms the chief attraction of the park. The general admission to the casino is free, and reserved seats may be had for 10 and 15 cents each. In a nearby building is a large dining-hall, which is served a 50-cent table of d'hote dinner, and in connection with the dining-hall are lunch counters and a restaurant.