Location: Bay City, MI - Union Station (PM/D&M)

Bay City Union Depot PM Bay City Depot

PM Bay City Station PM Bay City Station PM Bay City StationThe Pere Marquette depot was built and opened in 1904 at Adams and 4th Streets in old Bay City on the east side of the Saginaw. This was at least the second station in east Bay City. The station was used by the Pere Marquette and later by the Chesapeake & Ohio railroads until 1951 when service was discontinued to east Bay City. (Passenger rail service continued to what is known as west Bay City by the New York Central). This depot was also used by the Detroit & Mackinac railway though the D&M also used the NYC east side depot for a period of time.

Image Info/Credit: Top, a postcard view of Union Station with a southbound locomotive and switchstand in view. 2nd photo, another postcard view in 1907. The remainder are 2010 views. [Jim Sinclair]]