Location:  Boyne City, MI - BCG&A Facilities

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena railroad was headquartered in Boyne City. 

Photo info/credits: Top, the old BCG&A engine house and water tower, with locomotives. The facility later burned down. Below, a 1911 photo of the new brick engine house with locomotives and a gondola loaded with coal. It was not uncommon in those days to receive coal in gons, particularly if they loaded locomotives with shovels. [Mark Worrall Collection]

July, 1918. The W. H. White company's mill No. 1 bujilt about four years ago and one of the most modern sawmills in the state, as destroyed by fire. The mill is valued at $300,000 and was a total loss. A strong wind blowing from the lake kept the flames out of the big lumber storage yard. The administration building, which houses the W. H. White company and the executive offices of the BOyne City, Gaylord & Alpena railrroad, was threatened. [YEX]