Station: Tower, MI

DM Tower DepotTower was a station on the Detroit & Mackinac railway in southeast Cheboygan County. It was settled about 1889.

Several logging branches radiated south and west from Tower in 1900 and early maps suggested that the railroad at one time considered extending the D&M road west to the Petoskey area. But around 1904, the railroad decided to build northwest from here to Cheboygan, via the east shore of Mullet Lake.

The sign on this depot has been preserved by the nearby Onaway Historical Society museum. Because this was an early railroad town, one might think it is named after a water tower. But it was actually named for a daughter of Judge Samuel S. Tower. She served as an army nurse in the Spanish-American war and died of typhoid fever. [MPN]

Photo info/credit: The Tower depot. [Alan Loftis Collection]

July 11, 1911. The D&M depot, freight house, shingle mill, 25 cars and a few buildings were destroyed by fire in Tower. The town is safe. [LSJ-1911-0712]

In the Matter of the Application of the Detroit & Mackinac Railway Company for Authority to Make Its Stations Aloha, Tower, Saganing, Long Lake and Lupton Non-Agency Stations. D-1955. September 15, 1924.

Application having been filed herein by the Detroit and Mackinac Railway Company by Henry K. McHarg, Jr., Vice President and General Manager, for leave to change the character of service given at the above named stations from agency stations to non-agency stations; and the same having been brought on for hearing and the testimony taken in relation thereto having been duly considered;

It is HEREBY ORDERED by the Michigan Public Utilities Commission, That said Detroit and Mackinac Railway Company be and it is hereby authorized from and after October 1st, 1924, to change the character of Service given at its stations at Aloha, Tower, Saganing, Long Lake and Lupton, from agency stations to non-agency points.