Station: Norway, MI

CNW Norway DepotCNW Norway Depot, now a houseA CNW freight in Norway MINorway was founded in 1877 after the sinking of a test pit for the Norway Mine. A saw mill was built here in 1878. The village was originally called Ingolsdorf but renamed Norway in 1879. It was incorporated as a city in 1891. This town was originally in Menominee County until Dickinson County was organized in 1891. [MPN]

Norway is on the CN line (former C&NW) between Powers and Iron Mountain. It was also served by the Wisconsin & Michigan railway.

Photo info/credits: Top, the Wisconsin & Michigan depot at Norway around 1909. This is a typical W&M depot according to historian Mark Worrall. This W&M depot in Iron Mountain is of the same design and still standing as of 2005. Note the interlocking tower in the distance at the right, which is the crossing of the C&NW branch which ran up to the Norway and Cyclops mines. Both mines were closed at the time of this photograph. Aragon Mine Shaft #5 is at the rear of the photo on the left. As of 2005, there is still a pump in the mine shaft and it regulates the level of nearby Strawberry Lake. (The other Aragon mines are at the bottom of the lake). [Mark Worrall Collection, information from Greg Bunce]  2nd photo, the C&NW depot at Norway, which is now a private residence and moved from the right-of-way. [Greg Bunce] 3rd photo, C&NW 4293 and 4180 power a way freight over the overpass through Norway in December, 1987. [Neil Plagens]

1918. The C&NW had an agent and telegraph operator at this station on the day shift. [TRT]