Station: Jonesville, MI

LSMS/NYC Jonesville DepotLSMS/NYC Jonesville DepotLSMS/NYC Jonesville DepotLSMS/NYC Jonesville Depot Map of Jonesdville Depot Jonesville was settled in 1828 on the military road between Detroit and Chicago. This settlement occurred about six years before Hillsdale was settled. The village was incorporated in 1855. [MPN]

Jonesville received its first rail service when they convinced the State of Michigan to divert the Southern line northwest 4 miles to town. The road then continued back west, southwest through Allen and to Coldwater. Two other roads came to town, including the LSMS Lansing branch, which terminated at Litchfield Junction (on the west side of Jonesville) and the Fort Wayne and Jackson line, which had a depot in town and crossed the Old Road at an interlocking just south of downtown (known as Fort Wayne Junction).

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the former LSMS depot at Jonesville, most recently used as an antiques shop. this depot was built for the Fort Wayne and Jackson line around 1870. [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd photo, a photograph of a second depot at Jonesville. [Alan Loftis Collection] 3rd and 4th photos, the old LSMS/NYC depot at Jonesville in 2003. [Alan Loftis]; 5th photo, a map of the Jonesville depot just north of Chicago Street, in 1898 from a Sanborn Insurance Map.

Jonesville had a water tower as of 1926. [NYCtt1926]