Station: Hancock, MI

Houghton-Handock bridgeHancock was settled about 1846 across Portage Lake from Houghton. The town was platted by the Quincy Mining Company. Hancock became a illage in 1875 and a city in 1903. [MPN]

Photo Info/Credit: Top, this is one of the earlier railroad bridges between Houghton and Hancock from the Hancock side, a postcard view.

The Houghton County Traction Company Car Barn was built in 1900 at Ash Street and Park Street. This large wood-framed car barn consisted of three distinct but connected segments: the easternmost segment, fronting on Ethel Avenue is single-story with gabled room 40' by 75'. A middle segment, two stories high, rested on a stone foundation 75' by 120' long. The westernmost section was also two-story, 50' by 100' long. The building continues to exist in 2016. [UPM]

The DSS&A Hancock station and freighthouse were built on Depot Street in about 1920. [UPM]