Station: North Lansing, MI

LSMS North Lansing Station North Lansing Depot MC/PM North Lansing depot North Lansing was settled in 1842 will a mill and dam on the Grand River, north of downtown Lansing. A station was located here on both the Pere Marquette and the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern. North Lansing ultimately was absorbed by the City of Lansing.

Photo info/credit: Top, a modern day (2003) photo of the former Lake Shore depot at North Lansing. This locatio is near the northern-most terminus of the Lake Shore's Lansing Branch which went between the buildings and terminated at the PM north of here. Note the concrete survey marker at the corner of the building. [Dale Berry]. 2nd photo, the Michigan Central/Pere Marquette depot at North Lansing. The Pere Marquette tracks vere to the left and the Michigan Central tracks to the right. This was taken in 1898. 3rd photo, taken about 1918. This is a MC tax evaluation photo. [Dale Berry collection]

1879 improvements: A new water reservoir together with pump house and standpipe were built here for the joint use of the Michigan Central and the DL&N with each company sharing the expenses. [DL&N-1879]