Timetable: NYC - Fayette Branch - Slocum Junction to Fayette

Fayette Local at Grosvenor This line was the original route to Chicago by the Chicago & Canada Southern. It was built from the Detroit River dock to Fayette, but graded farther. The line came under Lake Shore & Michigan Southern control and was closed east of Grosvenor and the remainder was known as the Fayette Branch. Much of the route was later used by the DT&I to reach from Dundee to Trenton. Under LSMS/NYC ownership, they ran a "turn" between Adrian (via the Old Road) and Fayette. Station hours and passing siding capacity as of 1916. Car capacity based on 44' cars.

Photo Info/Credit:The local from Adrian to Morenci waits to begin its trip on the branch, at Grosvenor. Merlin D. Pruden is the conductor on the right. In the 1940's. [Merlin Pruden & David Pruden collection]

Station MP from Detroit Notes
Stoney Island Dock    
Grosse Isle    
Slocum Junction xMC xNYC   17.1  
Flat Rock   23.1  
Bryar Hill   26.5  
Carleton xPM   28.7  
Maybee   35.5  
North Raisinville  
Junction   J (with DT&M)
Dundee xAA 43.0   
Petersburg Junction xDTI 47.8  
Deerfield xLSMS   D TC=HG
Corbus 0.0  
  Miles from Corbus  
Grosvenor  7.6 D J W P21 TC=GS
Harrison's  9.1   
Ogden  12.1   P12
Jasper  15.5  D P29 TC=J
Weston  19.2  D P21 TC=WS
Bimo xDTI  22.1 
Morenci, MI 25.8  D P38 TC=MG
Ritters, OH 29.0   
Fayette  32.5  D P21 TC=FO


The right of way between Stoney Island and Slocum Junction continued to be used by the Michigan Central for ferry operation to Canada until the tunnel was opened in 1908. It continued to be used for freight operations until the 1930's.

The right of way between Slocum Junction to Dundee was sold to the Detroit & Lima Northern, then to the DT&I. The DT&I later built a cut off at Durban to Malinta, OH. The route was abandoned west of Durban.

Bimo was reported to have an automatic interlocking but was downgraded to stop signs and stop and proceed.

Note Key: BB=Bascule Bridge | C=Coal | CS=Car Shop | D=Open > Day | DN=Open Day and night | DS=Dispatcher | DT=Double Main Track | EH=Engine house | F=Diesel Fuel | HI=Half Interlocked Crossing | I=Interlocked Crossing | J=Junction | LB=Lift bridge | N=Open at night | P=Passing Track w/40' car capacity | Q=Quarry | RH=Roundhouse # stalls | RT=Railroad Resort | S=Scales | SB=Swing bridge | T=Turntable | TC=Telegraph call | W=Water | X=Crossing | Y=Wye | Yard=Yard

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Fayette Branch Timetable

Left, an Official Guide timetable for what remains of the Fayette Branch. The line actually started at Grosvenor but the timetable indicates that the trains started and returned to Adrian, which was on the "Old Road".

Canada Southern - LSMS - DT&M - DT&I - Four different lines Through Dundee - Timeline:

1872 - The original east-west main line, built by the Canada Southern (CS) from Amherstburg, Ontario to Fayette, Ohio (via Stony Island, Grosse Isle, Dundee, Grosvenor, and Morenci) came into Dundee just south of the village and south of the Raisin River. This was the first railroad to reach Dundee. This line was part of a plan by the initial investors of the CS to build a line from Canada to Chicago. The CS line became the Chicago & Canada Southern and then leased to the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railroad in 1879. The line was pulled up around 1897 around the time when the line was purchased from the Lake Shore by the Detroit & Lima Northern.

1881 - The Toledo, Ann Arbor & Grand Trunk, one of the predecessors to the Ann Arbor Railroad, builds north from Toledo and reaches Dundee headed for Ann Arbor. (They cross the CS about 1/2 mile south of the Raisin River (near present day M-52).

1883 - The Michigan & Ohio railroad builds into Dundee from Tecumseh and creates a wye connection with the TAA&GT. This later becomes the Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee and uses trackage rights on the TAA&GT to Toledo.

1884 - The TAA&GT is merged into the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan  In 1895, It becomes the Ann Arbor Railroad.

1897 - The original CS line from North Raisinville west towards Deerfield is removed, eliminating the crossing of the original AA railroad just south of Dundee (near what is today M-52). This location at North Raisinville is later known as Durban. In addition to the original CS line, two other lines ultimately branched from here, one east to the DT&M in Dundee in 1898 and the Malinta cut-off in the southwesterly direction.

1897 - The Detroit & Lima Northern (D&LN), which had reached Dundee via trackage rights on the DT&M, purchases the Lake Shore's former CS line between Dundee and Flat Rock (Slocum Jct.), with a goal of finally reaching the Detroit area.

1898 - The D&LN, which reaches Tecumseh from the south and uses the DT&M to reach Dundee, builds a connection between Dundee Junction to a connection with the LSMS/DT&I near North Raisinville.

1901 - The D&LN is reorganized as the Detroit Southern, and then reorganized again as the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton (DT&I) in 1905.

1915 - The Detroit, Toledo & Ironton builds a new branch connection from Dundee southwest to Petersburg and a connection with the Detroit & Toledo railroad at Petersburg Junction. The line crosses the Lake Shore Monroe Branch in Petersburg. This gives the DT&I an important route to reach Toledo.

1929 - Now under Henry Ford ownership, the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton builds the Malinta cut-off from Durban (near North Raisinville) in a tangent to Malinta, Ohio, passing south of Dundee. It crosses the AARR at a new interlocking at Diann, and crosses the DT&I Toledo branch at a new place known as Petersburg Junction, (2 miles south of Petersburg). This cutoff replaces the DT&I's meandering line through Tecumseh and Adrian with a high speed, direct route.

1930 - The connection built in 1915 from Dundee to Petersburg is removed, now that the DT&I can access their Toledo branch at Petersburg Junction.

1930 - The connection from Durban (North Raisinville) to the DT&M line at Dundee is removed, with the DT&I now using the Malinta cutoff.

1932 - The former DT&M (operated by the DT&I) between Tecumseh and Dundee is abandoned. The DT&I now accesses Tecumseh from the south via Adrian.

1963 - The DT&I's Toledo branch from Petersburg Jct. to Toledo is removed. Traffic for Toledo now moves over the Ann Arbor railroad via trackage rights from Diann to the Toledo Terminal railroad.

1976 - The NYC Monroe Branch (formally the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern is removed between Lenawee Junction the Ida. It had been removed east of Ida in 1953.

Today, Dundee is served by the Ann Arbor Railroad, and the Indiana & Ohio (former DT&I) which continues to operate near Diann south of town.

The information for this article was received from Don Meints' two-volume Michigan Railroad Lines, as well as from several old maps, the USGS and Google Maps' mapping program.