Timetable: CN Main Line - Port Huron to London via Sarnia

As of 1990, includes CN's St. Clair Tunnel Subdivision and Chatham Subdivision.

Station MP from Sarnia Notes
Port Huron 3.1 DN Yard C W Y
West Summit 2.8 Tunnel West Portal- CTC in 1990
East Summit 0.5 Tunnel East Portal- CTC in 1990
Sarnia 0 P-68
  Miles from London  
Sarnia Yard 57.2 Yard
Modeland 56.3  
Blackwell 55.6  
Mandaumin 50.9  
Petrolia Jct. 46.3 J
Wyoming 45.3  
Wanstead 41.7  
Watford 33.2  
Adelaide 32.6  
Kerwood 25.9  
Pike 21.5  
Strathroy 20.0  
CP Crossing 12.2 A X

Komoka Jct.

w/Chatham Sub.

9.8 J
Hyde park 4.1 J
Ridout 0.2  
London 0  


Note Key:  A=Autmatic Intrrlocking | C=Coal | D=Open during the day | DN=Day and night | HI=Half Interlocker | I=Interlocker | N=Open at night | P=Passing Track w/40' car capacity | TC=Telegraph call | W=Water | X=Crossing | Y=Wye | Yard=Yard

[REF]= CN Employee Time Table 43, May 27, 1990

In 1990 - CTC from Sarnia to Modeland and Rideout to London. ABS from Modeland to Hyde Park. 2 main tracks except in tunnel. Speed: Passenger 80, Freight 60 MPH.

MP 4.1. Hyde Park (Spur to Ilderton extends 7.5 miles northward off north track. Switch points face east. Max. speed 30 MPH, 10 miles over bridge at 4.7. 1990.

MP 46.3. Petrolia Jct. - Spur extends 4.7 miles southward off south track, switch points face east. 20 mph. 1990

MP 57.9. Macgregor. Spur extends 1.8 miles northward, switch points face west. 1990

MP 0.3 (near Sarnia). Spur extends southward 15.6 miles via yard tracks. 20 mph.

MP 0.5 (near Sarnia). Spur to Point Edward extends 3.3 miles northward, switch points face east. 10 mph. To Imperial Oil Plant No. 1 and Srnia Elvator.

Locations of Telephones in Tunnel. Telephones in grey boxes on south wall, also identified by amber light, are located at: East Portal Pump House, West Portal Pump House, 150 feet, 2000 feet, 3200 feet, 4400 feet and 5900 feet from East Portal. To contact train movement director - press one long and one short. If flashing light on box, call train movement director. 

In Tunnel, speed limit of 15 mph.

Passenger Trains in 1990: 2 round trips between Sarnia and London daily. Both went through via the tunnel to Port Huron.