Station: Alpha, MI

Alpha Village is located in southeastern Iron County and began as a mining settlement. The Mastodon Mine opened in 1882 several miles south of Alpha. This venture did not survive the Panic of 1893. In 1910 the Pickands-Mather Company began large scale exploratory operations in the area.

The Alpha settlement was platted north of the operations by the Nevada Land Company. Streets radiated east, west and south from the Balkan Mine which began operating in 1915. The town was given the name for a letter of the Greek alplhabet, one of several towns like this in Michigan. It became a Village in 1914 when development peaked. A village water system was also installed in 1914, as was electric lighting.

Six passenger trains a day stopped in Alpha in 1914 on the C&NW line which had been extended in 1882 through the area. By the early 1930's, all mining activity had ceased in the area. [Iron County Historical Society information].

1918. The C&NW had an agent operator here on the day shift. [TRT]

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